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        Data proves our point strongly. Let’s have a look on the insights.


        More people have accelerated in Internet Marketing after pandemic.

        1 in 5

        Business are opting for online promotional services.


        Maketing budget are spend on the marketing activities.

        Are you there in Google’s SERP list?

        Search Engine Optimization

        Get your website ranked #1 in Google, Bing & other engines for most searched keywords. We cover all areas from On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO, analysis & reports. Get Your Audit Report, Competitor Analysis Report, Keyword Research Report done by us.
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        Go for Social Media Marketing Ads Management.

        Meta’s Facebook Paid Ads Marketing

        Your one optimized way to target new users with the help of social media business manager tools. Users follow the process of funnels and in the end complete the cycle of conversion. Facebook ads include Instagram ads and WhatsApp marketing which can be marketed separately or collectively.
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        Senior paid ads platform previously known as PPC Ads.

        Google Paid Ads

        More than 80% of the users are using Google Search to get their answers. They search to buy products, get numerous services and even to know about something which is new. Google ads play a pivotal role in the promotion of the businesses during the searches and helping the users follow different call to action. Get yourself a right form of ads implemented and grow your business fast.
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        You can be a influencer either brand or a human? Go For it.

        Social Media Organic

        Social Organic rise has been tremendous in the recent times. People has been a lot creative with the tools like Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Pinterest, Linkedin and the names are never ending. They have gain a million followers with the help of creativity and new ideas. What did they do? No spending. It has been only the ideas and constant efforts which helped them create a loyal customer base or followers. These users do what the account holder promotes. Which is also known as influencer marketing. So either we become one or hire many. Point is Social Media is an important tool if used smartly we can influence large audience at free cost.
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        Don’t understand about the low stats. Go for quality Content!

        Content Creation & Marketing

        It has not been new for the online crowd either it has been the content creators or the content consumers. Good, informative and engaging content has played the vital role increasing the traffic of the site. The form of content delivery has just changed to next level. In past, people loved to involve more with reading now it has been in most part replaced by videos and podcast. Shortage of time we can say! Point is to plan right content strategy for your brand, help you in the creation of the content and last but not the least guide you through the right methods and platforms to market those content is where our service is required. So, what to think about. If this is your need, we are here indeed!
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        Its all about quality videos and engaging images!

        Graphic Design / Video / Editing

        Now people say, what is there in creating high interacting images and videos. Even they tend to realise that even these people like, share, follow and subscribe for those content which has good quality video and engaging images. This is how it helps.
        Get the best quality Image/Banner designs, Video Creation & Editing, Animated Videos, Infographics, Website Banners & Images, Ad Creatives, Reels, Stories, Short Videos, & more. We will take care of all your design requirements with best quality and ideas!
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        Grow your brand value with the help of network of affiliate partners!

        Affiliate Marketing

        Omni channel marketing has always been helpful for growing brands. It has been always shared by top marketers and analytical experts that a online running business should not be depending upon the success of one platform. This is because if one fails other can help your business in sustaining that loss. Affiliate is one of the form of marketing if opted in right way can generate a lot of revenue for your organisation. Few of the companies take affiliate to the next level and we are working for those who have some interest for including this domain. We are committed in making performance based affiliate marketing campaigns to scale the revenue for the business.
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        Plan the future of your brand with proper data analysis!

        Data Analytics & Reporting

        Data reporting are the initial part in the marketing campaigns. We require proper data analysis to understand the future goals of the company which can help us think towards both the direction whether we need to scale our business or need to cut the spending of the ads. Data analysis also help us have a detailed knowledge of the section where we are strong and growing or the areas where we need to work for improvements. For example: high product returns in ecommerce business can be avoided if we analyse the issue with the help of data like mens are prone to return higher than women so we would target higher percent of women. You also need a good data team and brand reporting. Connect with us!
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        How Mega Services Creates Growth For Businesses

        ROAS Driven Results!
        Get your website ranked #1 in Google, Bing & other engines for most searched keywords.
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        Precise Brand Strategy!
        A technique used in your brand marketing to upgrade thy business with the strategy to manage customers by retaining them, upselling & cross selling.
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        Omni-Channel Marketing!
        Never ever depend on the the single marketing channel. Even you are generating profits. Reason behind this answer is, there will be a day when you come up with a pause for that platform and soon your business can be hurted. Take a multi channel marketing approach. Bring different source of profits from various channels because even if one is not working you have got the other.
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        Growth Approach Metrics Focused!
        As we start working with the clients, we take them in with the approach of growth on both the ends. Our success depends on the fact that when we scale the business positively and solve challenges, it does makes our team a plus with that positive experience. Have a results which are focused directly on the numbers.
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        #SMMA You Can Trust!
        We are the Social Media Marketing Agency, you can trust upon! Why? Because we are having a team of professionals, 10+years of experience comes along, industry experts, and we know what we are doing.
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        Conversion Rate Optimization

        Our work is to help you increase the Conversion rates from your website, accounts and apps. We work together on the brands tools like website and plan on working on the steps which can be more productive to grow conversions. We do involve the important process like AB testing, multivariate testing and more with the help of Facebook ads and other paid ads platforms. Some of the methods like adding CTAs, test landing pages, adding messages & much more!

        SEO Goal Evaluation

        Full approach online success is the target than SEO is an important asset to work for. We help you evaluate your SEO goals, plan for what can be the right strategy which can give results. Our site audits, competitors analysis and reportings are the best in the industry giving the proper highlights about the technicalities of the website. We take care of the business website with full depth implementation of On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO, Errors, Updates, Snippets, Rankings, Keywords & more. Find out your Brand score now?

        Data Driven Approach

        Online achievements are gained when your team of data analysis and reporting is strong. The approach to keep a solid momentum can be sustained only if our collected data is fully optimized with right strategy. We help our brands maintain the disciplinary actions towards analyzing the data and understanding the metrics with the mindset of scaling in the future. Go with our data strategy and you would have a solid vision for growth.

        PPC Advertising Strategies

        Google has helped businesses profit from search campaigns, Display ads, Video Ads, Shopping Ads, App Ads & more. Run your PPC campaigns with us and find the right money keywords, improve quality score, best ad structure, right bid strategies, location targeting, & more. We need to be right from every angle before starting the ads. Our team of 10+ years experience provides best strategy and results in the game.

        The Mega Mark Focuses on Performance Based Marketing

        10X Online Growth with Winning Strategy

        Marketing Partner with Industries Top Platforms

        Smarter Analytical Insights

        12+ years of marketing & technical experts

        100% Approachable Designers & Content Strategist

          • 10X ROI

            We have shown results with more than 10x return on invested amount for brands in ecommerce and leads generated.

          • #1 Search Results

            SEO is one of the major marketing medium to establish brands and we take it a lot serious. We have ranked more than 10,000+ keywords for more than 50 and ongoing brands in search results.

          • Sales Funnel Setup

            A proper sales funnel helps in identifying the correct customer stage at which level they stand. We have helped brands save their extra spend with the right funnel strategy and use it for targeting on new ads. This helped in understanding the correct psychology of buyers.

          • 100% Traffic Increase

            No doubt we take it to the basic criteria on gaining more users in the website. We have doubled more than 100% targeted traffic for the website which has helped in more conversions.

          • Above Avg. CTR Rates

            Our optimized campaigns has made brands achieve above average click through rates which has helped them convert more with less spend. 25% more Retargeted buyers have been converrted.

          Companies are having a great shift from

          Web 2.0

          Web 3.0

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          Still working with old brand strategy because the world is moving fast.

          Win in your category with progressive marketing and technological developments

          We focus on launching 360 Digital marketing campaign strategy which drives awareness, traffic, video views, conversions and cross channel sales.

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          We have the experience and point of view to help transform and elevate your brand.

          Business Planning For Growth

          Helping our clients for long term growth is our mission.
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          Marketing Effectiveness

          We operate marketing effectiveness and learning agendas for both brand affinity and equity as well as short term sales – all to drive long-term customer value.
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          Consumer Experience Mapping

          Our proprietary tools enable us to build a deep and detailed understanding of consumer journeys, category needs, and brands’ performance at each stage.
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