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      Our Strategy To Facebook (Now Meta) Ads Management & Social Media Advertising

      “The process of running a Facebook (Now Meta) paid ads campaign is not just a simple task, it does take a much high level of understanding on planning, strategizing and implementing the right amount of experience for the delivery of best results. Because our targets are always to focus on achieving the optimized results which makes your brand profitable achieved at lower costing.”

      1st Phase: To Understand The Business & Products/Services

      We understand the process as We have a team of experts and professionals who have advertising knowledge and technical experience, on the other side you have the clear idea about your business and its characteristics. Our team work is to get the clarity and understanding of your business, its working and other structuring and as per our takeaways from the detailing you have shared. We bring the whole lot new strategy for you after researching about your industry, where we share inputs about the needs of your customer, market research, competitors story, psychology of users, smart use of traffic & more while they are on the social media sites.
      2nd Phase: Basic Requirements Knowledge, How to Use & Future Approach

      Once the business background is understood, Accordingly we move towards our next step as what are the major requirements which business needs in the Facebook (Now Meta) Paid Ads Management like whether conversion targeting, awareness or reach, lead generation, video views & more. We also need clarity upon the ad copies, descriptions, creative team's work for videos and beautiful ads which business needs us to create or it will be shared from their end. Usually we deliver the complete work process for the brands so it has more connectivity for making ads work. We help our clients for video commercials shoot as to use them in display ad campaigns on Facebook. Also, there will be multiple iterations of ads so it can be split tested during live campaigns for increasing the CTR while managing to decrease cost per conversion over time.
      3rd Phase: Campaign Strategy Development

      This is one of the main component of the ads strategy because we are now into the implementation part of the ads. As you must be aware that Facebook gives unlimited combination and in depth options when we are planning on targeting methods. We can count them from in-market segments to remarketing lists and beyond, there no less ways with Facebook to show your ads to the right audience so to engage for your goals. The right and engaging targeting which provides the useful ad impressions for successful campaigns is where our experienced team will work for to reach the focused aim. Our approach will be direct and constant as to test regularly according to the campaign data and applying changes as per the best options available for reaching the new successful milestones.
      4th Phase: Data Analysis and Optimization

      This is the last phase in this discussion of ours but plays the important role in the margilising the success of the ads campaign. Data are one of the top priority segment in any of the targeted platforms and it can make you win the top spot of your competitons if the targets are placed right. The successful companies which are earning revenues with the Facebook Advertising are the ones which can read and analyze their campaign data, they spot the trends and new patterns that are meaningful in present scenario. Our team holds that level of mature process giving time and efforts to analyze the ongoing ads performance and optimize accordingly. Regular creation of Facebook ads as per the proper structure are developed for scaling of the budget thus focusing on the maximization of the ROI.

      How Facebook Assures Your Business Will Scale And Achieve Next Level Growth

      There is no doubt in saying that the amount of R&D facebook has done to provide deep understanding of business growth it promises brands to measure the goals with there success in much elaborated and advanced format.


      ROI which stands for Return on Investment received is a common but one of the most important terms in Social Media Marketing. It is how we get to know how much return a brand has received compared to the investment it has made on the ads directly and also helps you measure is your investment worth your time, resources and efforts. Facebook marketing strategies include major business ads spend so the ROI needs to be better showing the growth. ROI results can differ depending upon the conversion goals it has been optimized for.


      Here is a brief explanation to have a better idea as how bid strategies can effect the overall performance of the ads campaign. Let’s understand the benefits of each bid strategy.
      1. Automated Bidding: Maximize number of results for your budget
      2. Highest Value (Uses Automated Bidding): Maximize conversion value
      3. Cost cap: Control the cost of your results
      4. Minimum ROAS: Control your return on ad spend (ROAS)
      5. Bid cap: (Advanced) Manually cap how much Meta bids in auctions


      Attribution window are used to define about the attribution model you have set as to what will be the touch points to be given credits as per the set duration to check for before the conversion. We can understand it better with example: If you are choosing a 7-day attribution window, then any click, visit or impression which would be happening during the period of 7 days of a conversion will be shared credit for that conversion otherwise more than 7 days before conversion will not be considered.
      Overall, this structure and section of Facebook now Meta is one of the most important and can be bit of confusing for you, if you are new to the platform. Attribution window holds a important connection in the ads setup when we are talking about the Facebook now Meta Ads.

      Know Your Reach, Impressions, link clicks, Spend, Purchases, Leads, Budget

      These are few of the many metrics which Facebook allows you to compare with, as per your conversion goals where each one of them holds an equal importance as to calculate the data for scaling the business revenue.
      Like Reach guides you: How much is the possibility of your ad to reach to the users?, How many have clicked on the link of that ad?, What has been the total spend on the ad?, How many people purchased your targeted products, How many have filled the form as per your goals?, What are the budget value as if you want to have daily budget or a lifetime budget.
      There are many other defined metrics which helps you understand the data on much broader terms like How many were the unique clicks in the total link clicks? or How much were the unique purchases in the overall purchases?

      Know how Facebook is helping in making your business reach new heights!

      Facebook is not just another social platform with nominal tools. Facebook within these years has evolved to next generation advancements where the tools in this platforms not only bring the results as per the optimisation but also helps manage the structure which keeps generating the targets focused. Below are few of the Facebook important tools which are the main strength of the Facebook Business Manager.

      Ads Manager

      Account Quality

      Business Settings

      Proper Accounts & Users Setup

      Commerce Manager

      Events Manager


      Brand Safety

      Shop Locations


      Creative Hub


      Traffic Analysis Report

      Pixel Integration

      Demographics & Interest Based Targeting

      Domain Verification

      Best Practices For Aspect Ratios












      A full-funnel approach to scale


      Full Depth Funnel Approach

      It literally sounds something unique approach but what are we settling here with is the classifying of the customer’s journey in a much segmented form, where it helps us find the solutions for the questions depending on the activities of the users as what are the user behavior during different level of funnel targeting on the website. With this form we are able to get more clear idea about the customer retention rate or other possibilities where we can apply new acquisition theory for their conversion. 

      You Are not Joining Us, You are Trusting Future

      Join hands with us and get guaranteed business revenue growth. Increase your ROI, scale your business, give your competitors a run for their money.

      If managed properly 3X plus ROI is guaranteed

      Most of the times we either manage via ourselves, hire some interns to save budget or higher newbies. Facebook is a serious platform and here we require professionals with ground expertise and experience.

      24*7 Results Oriented Platform

      No doubt in saying that Facebook has upgraded itself with time. It has proven its worth during multi global business successes and it’s a ongoing process. You are sleeping but ads keeps on running.

      Business Scaling Opportunity

      Not only you can achieve your targets at a time. If there are right strategy and applied at constant pace can help you scale your business thus increasing your revenue and business size.

      Top Campaigns against competitors platforms

      You can measure it through the reach and the ad spends done by the brands globally. Facebook is the most used social media platform by the business for the marketing of the producs and services online. It has that instinct of winnning the space.

      Strict on Piracy, duplication and invalid content (privacy maintained)

      Privacy is priority and it is maintained at top most level. There are proper standards which creates a line for all users what they can promote, use as ads and can sustain with that.

      We cover what Facebook Wants us to take care of

      • Ad Copy & Testing: Constant test and new actions will take us to fresh success.
      • Audience Targeting:  We use facebook’s powerful lookalike modelling and user data to search your right customers.
      • Bid Management: Our right strategy can only work right when our implementation of correct bids and understanding of the optimization works.
      • Remarketing: Are we making right plans on re- engaging with the customers who have shown interest in our product/service. Funnel creation approach and more into the research are adopted.
      • Dynamic Product Ads/Ecommerce Ads: Ecommerce ads has been one of the top players using the Facebook space for ads. We need to connect customers with right products after they interacted thus to give them a happy shopping journey.
      • Lead Ads or other type of Ads: B2B or B2C lead ads/ other Facebook optimization ads are successfully processed and are a success on this channel.

      Creatives and Design Side

      We are growing with the design team experts delivering quality and innovatively designed & tested graphics, videos, GIFs, other design files. We focus on basics and designs are formed from scratch keeping in mind the specific requirements of the campaigns. We are delivering daily changes and new edits in the segment.

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